From the recording Who Killed Halloween?

Recorded and Hosted by Steve Seachrist and Katie Butler
at Radon Recordings (Cabbagetown, GA)
Mixed by Bruce Butkovich at Sometimes Satellite

Written by James Hall, Geri X, and Michael Blue
Performed by James, Jasmine, Bruce, Patrick, and Kent
Saw, Piano, and Percussion by Steve Seachrist

Photo by Laurel Keyes

Written at The Holiday Music Motel, in Sturgeon Bay, WI., as part of the collaborative songwriting festivals held three times a year. #songfamily


See the candy,
In the street,
Kids are screaming,
Now they running,
Don't like candy,
Tell me who killed Halloween?

Sugar highs,
Pixie sticks,
Eat so much,
Makes you sick,
Tell me who,
You'll cry to now,
No one hears you,
Any how.
Tell me who killed Halloween,
What is it you, was it me?
Aw, Halloween?

Shotgun blast,
Flashing blue,
Nothing to see here,
Nothing to do,
Hands are shaking,
Scared as hell,
Walk on up,
Ring that bell,
Was it you, was it me,
Or some hand unseen,
Who killed Halloween?

Now your home,
Layin in bed,
Toss and turn,
Dream in red,
Tell me darling,
Tell the truth,
Tell me baby,
What'd you do?
Tell me who killed Halloween?
Was it you, Was it me,
Who killed Halloween?