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The Steady Wicked.

 The Steady Wicked was formed in Atlanta, Georgia in the spring of 2013 by former Geffen Recording artist James Hall and guitarist Bruce Butkovich after their split of their previous group, The Futura Bold. Joining them were former The Futura Bold alum, drummer Kent Aberle, and bassist Alias Patrick Kelly, whom was a constant collaborator. The foursome clicked immediately in both creativity and as well as in friendship. Co-vocalist, Jaz Jillette joined the group in the fall of 2013 during the making of their debut album.. 

The group immediately began writing and recording 19 songs, 10 of which became 2016's ELECTRIC HEX, while 7 other tracks would comprise their 2018 EP TETHER

The band are currently readying the release of their next full length "ALL HORNS AND HALOS!". Three singles were released ahead of the album announcement. The punk-ish and playful first single, “Purr” was released in August 2019 followed by the melodic “All We Got is Each Other” in September.  “The Jesus Gonna See You Naked” was released in October as the final lead up to the album’s release. Their next single, the funky “Love’s on Trial” will be released in late October as a free download with any pre-sale orders.  The album itself will be released on November 20, 2019.